Mobile Workstation vs. Laptop


Find the machine that best fits the needs for your organization.


For the everyday user laptops are a convenient solution for doing projects, research, and communicating with coworkers especially when working remotely. There is a range of processing power and prices to choose from based on how you plan to use your device.


High end laptops, Mobile Workstations, have the extra processing power and components to handle running intensive programs concurrently. Working on engineering projects with CAD, or editing video and design projects, mobile workstations are the laptops that can handle it all. With the surge in Esports, Workstations are the go to for meeting gaming specifications.


The industry standard for a Laptop to be a considered a Mobile Workstation is having at least three of these features that improve processing power.


- Multiple Processor Cores- equivalent to the 8th Generation Intel® i5 or higher.

- Solid-State Drives (SSD)

- Upgraded Graphics Processing Unit (GPU or Graphics Card)

- ECC Memory- an error correcting code

- RAID - a redundant array of independent disks


We can help you narrow down the products that best fit you needs within your budget. Our partnerships with some of the leading companies can get you more for what you spend. We have special warranty options and services availiable for a variety of organizations.


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Authorized for Lenovo, HP, Asus, and Acer workstations.