Twotrees Secure Email Relaying Services
SMTP relay is the process used every time you send an email to someone outside of your email domain. SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, does the work of sending the message. The Twotrees relay service moves the message from your email server to the email server of the recipient. It’s like a handoff in a relay race.
A relay is not used when an email is sent between two users in the same domain. However, if there are multiple domains involved between email messages, then a relay is required to deliver between each server.
When you’re sending hundreds of email messages every day, the SMTP relay becomes very important. If you’re sending correspondence in the form of newsletters, parent updates or transactional email from your applications, you want to make sure that other servers trust that your server is sending good email. Twotrees SMTP relay service is a trusted third party that adheres to sending best practices to help emails get properly delivered.  If you are not using trusted relay or have not specifically configured your email server to adhere to best sending practices, your email messages may be being dropped by receiving servers without anyone ever knowing they are being dropped.
In an effort to reduce spam, many internet providers like Google will limit the amount of SMTP relays it will conduct each day or limit the number of emails it will relay for a particular user. This means that an organization that sends large amounts of email may get their legitimate emails categorized as spam. Even a peer-to-peer email server will experience this when sending bulk email messages. An SMTP relay service provider can help prevent this deliverability problem and ensure that your emails get to the inbox.
Twotrees provides SMTP relay services for both transactional email and legitimate bulk emailing services. Because we send millions of emails per month, our service is highly scalable, trusted, and reliable. You can avoid the negative pitfalls by using Twotrees for automated and bulk email relaying services.