Todays security demands a multi-layered approach. To help you meet your security requirements we offer a range of security services.
Managed Firewall Services
-  To strengthen your first line of defense, we provide tailored managed firewall services. These range from entry-level firewalls through to highly-available firewall pairs for mission critical infrastructure.
Managed Filtering 
-  Internet Filtering and Monitoring is not as simple as 'blocking a website'.  Our professionals have years of experience in understanding the underpinnings of the Internet and dealing with allowing and blocking traffic.
Intrusion detection and prevention
-  Our managed intrusion detection and prevention service works in combination with firewalls to monitor, detect and report any intrusion attempts or misuse, inside and outside the network.
DDoS mitigation
-  If Internet uptime/availability is important to you, then our DDoS mitigation service will provide you with immediate protection around the clock. It keeps malicious traffic out of your network completely transparently and allows the real traffic through.

Managed Firewall Services
Proper firewall management is a resource-intensive activity that requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches.
DDOS Protection
Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are where multiple compromized systems are used to target a single system causing an effective Denial of Service attack.