Twotrees EMail Store and Forward Services
Twotrees Store & Forward services are for customers that have on-premise mail server(s) and need a solution to ensure no mail loss during planned outages or unexpected downtime. Our servers are online 24/7/365 with a 99.98% uptime record.  We provide email redundancy regardless if you host your own email server or if it is hosted by an ISP/ASP.  Our servers will accept and store messages on your behalf for up to 15 days and automatic redelivery attempts to your mail server will occur every 60 minutes.  We do both first encounter Anti-virus and SPAM Filtering as the email passes inbound.  During unexpected outages, we can redirect your stored email to a standby server.  We offer support for both Inbound and Outbound TLS (Transport Layer Security) Message Encryption.  In addition, we can do forwarding to an alternate TCP port available to avoid ISP blocking of standard SMTP inbound port 25.
The Twotrees Store and Forward is a completely cloud-based platform so there is no hardware or software to purchase.  Simply update your DNS MX Records and you're protected.
We utilize high performance mail servers in clustered configurations in our hardened data centers with backup facilities to deliver outstanding reliability.