The founders of Twotrees Technologies, LLC were known for providing quality hardware, software, and network solutions to school systems thoughout the 1990's. Simultaneously, school officials across the country were struggling with the security and safety needs of making the Internet available to their students and staff.  This lead to a natural progression of the company that had its 1980's roots in software development to develop a solution to allow school systems to securely manage their Internet activity.

In 1997, the Shelterbelt Internet Management Service was introduced and shortly thereafter, successfully implemented throughout the Twotrees customer base. The Shelterbelt system by Twotrees managed the Internet sites allowed into the school, and more importantly, used propriatary agent technology that has the ability to "learn" based on use patterns and continually updates its' databases accordingly. The combination of hardware, software, and human monitoring made the Shelterbelt Internet Management solution one of the most unique the best fit systems on the market for school systems at the time.

While much of the original technology has now become depricated with time, with clients spread throughout the Mid-West and Western United States, Twotrees continues to utilize the processes and knowledge of Internet security to provide Internet management, hardware, software and security solutions, as well as consulting to both public and private sector organizations to ensure the success of their clients.