Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are where multiple compromized systems are used to target a single system causing an effective Denial of Service attack.  These can be difficult to stop as attackers can use a variety of different protocols and methods to attack a system from systems all over the world.  

The bulk of these attacks are orchestrated from very sophisticated grids of bot net type compromised systems on the Internet that can be controlled from a central point and used "for hire" complete with "free" 1-3 minute "test fires".  Sustained DDoS attacks can be very costly but the 1-3 minute while seemingly harmless can result in loss of production and interruption of activities.

Twotrees has experts on staff that are versed in dealing with DDoS, mitigation procedures and countermeasures.  

If you have interest in DDoS mitigation please contact us to discuss your uptime goals and we will be happy to review the options.