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When it comes to delivering data center services today, IT budgets are dropping - yet the demand for services continues to rise. You need to help your organization new applications or services or meet the greater demands of existing services, however, internal staff and infrastructures may already be stretched to the limit.

Now isn't the time to seek funding for new servers or expanding data centers to accomodate growing needs. It's the time for seeking more cost-efficient ways to deliver IT services. When you choose Twotrees as your organizations hosting service provider, you can:


  • Take advantage of our infrastructure, network and staff investments
  • Choose flexible service offerings and fee structures
  • Align hosting services with your needs and budget
  • Free your staff for strategic activities


Day-to-day infrastructure maintenance can keep you from activities that can really make a difference - like rolling out curriculum solution to meet objectivess. The Twotrees staff applies proven best practices in data center management to take over the daily, on-going tasks that divert your attention from what's important. 

With over 15 years of hosting and application management experience, you can also trust Twotrees application services to manage the software that drives your organization.

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Physical Servers
Managed Physical Server solutions deliver enterprise-class servers and software to power the most intensive sites and applications .
Virtual Servers
Twotrees offers two powerful virtually hosted environments: Windows OS and Linux OS hosted in the Microsoft Hyper-V VSH environment. 
Secure Email Relaying
SMTP relay is the process used every time you send an email to someone outside of your email domain. SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, does the work of sending the message. 
Inbound EMail Store and Forward
Twotrees Store & Forward services are for customers that have on-premise mail server(s) and need a solution to ensure no mail loss during planned outages or unexpected downtime. 
Remote Backup / Cloud Storage

Twotrees offers both Remote Backup and Cloud Storage in the highly available Twotrees Data Center.  This service is currently undergoing changes and updates will follow.