Chromebooks for Education


Twotrees Technologies has helped many schools deploy chromebooks and not only are we Google Enterprise Suite for Education authorized but have a certified Google Classroom Trainer on staff.


Learn from anywhere

Students can access their apps, settings, and more from any device

Prepare students for the future with collaborative projects that deepen digital skills

Discover and share new apps with educators using the Chromebook App Hub


Deploy and manage simply

Easy to distribute 1 or 100 devices using the Chrome partner ecosystem

Simple to manage thousands of devices and set 200+ policies and commands

Add users, devices, printers, and internet from central Google Admin Console


Accessible for all learners

Centrally manage hundreds of thousands of devices from the Admin Console

Versatile form factors to suit different budgets and needs

Shareable devices can be used across multiple


Get the latest security updates

Background updates install the latest security and features every 6 weeks

Two versions of Chrome OS on every device

Sandboxing of identities, user profiles, and OS itself

Layers of data encryption and verified security checks on boot up


We can utilize many different purchasing vehicles such as NASPO, TIPS or Mohave agreements to fulfill a wide variety of chromebook offerings.